Prayer Update: A World Desperate for Welcome

In the gospel, we hear again and again God’s word of welcome and belonging. This is your land. Your home. You were a stranger, but you are now an heir. You may stay here in peace. Welcome. Shalom.

One can scarcely think of a time in history when welcome has been longed for more desperately than in our time. Globally, more than 230 million migrants live outside the country of their birth, driven by poverty, war, hunger and environmental degradation.

To this world, Jesus of Nazareth offers a promise: Yes, you were unfit to live in the house of God. But through my sacrifice, my resurrection, and my ascension, I am going to prepare a place of perfect welcome for you – in my Father’s house.

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Lord Jesus Christ,

You who received no welcome at your birth, who fled to Egypt from the cruel violence of Herod, grant that we may prepare a place for those who wander, as you now are doing for us.


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