100 Million More People at Risk

100 Million More People at Risk

This week The World Bank released a report that showed that we risk putting over 100 million more people will be put into extreme poverty by 2030, if we don’t implement policies to protect our planet, preserve our ecosystems, and reduce climate change.


Because with a changing climate, natural disasters will come with more power, and frequency. Unlike developed countries (like the USA), countries who are already impoverished cannot re-coup quickly or effectively after natural disaster, often leaving people without any resources.

Because with a changing climate weather patterns are unpredictable, leaving those who depend on the earth for their livelihood (farming etc.) without resource. Farmers can no longer predict rainy seasons, which lowers the amount they can produce, also flooding or extreme heat can ruin crops.

Because with a changing climate our health is greatly impacted. Countries who have little to no health care will be impacted the most as the world temperature increase. Increased temperatures are predicted to raise the amount of malaria, diarrhea and cholera.

Here is a helpful video made by The World Bank to illustrate their findings.

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