Prayer Update: Terrorism, Climate Change and the Human Heart

 Whether Terrorism or Climate Impacts, Our Mandate is the Same: God Loves.
Our hearts are drawn to Paris in the aftermath of Friday’s terrorist attacks, as they are with Kenya and Lebanon as well. May our Lord shower his mercy on the wounded, the grieved, and the afraid.

Paris is hosting COP21 in less than two weeks time. Some ask whether, with the ongoing War on Terror, climate change should demand such attention, but the ways that climate change is a “threat multiplier” for terrorism is well-documented. More than this though, we take the Paris attacks to remind ourselves: whether our concern is pollution or suicide bombs, people equally die and suffer, and God is compassionate.


Gracious and merciful God,

May your Spirit overshadow the people of Paris, Kenya, Beirut, and all who have been touched by the evil of fallen human hearts. Grant peace and comfort.

Exalt the hope we find in Christ Jesus who defeated sin and death at the cross.

Prepare the world for COP21 with a sense of sobriety, a renewed seriousness to participate with you in good’s triumph over evil, compassion’s triumph over complacency.


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