For The Love Of….

For The Love Of….

Next week world leaders will gather in Paris to continue negotiations to combat climate change.  They aren’t the only ones going to Paris though. Thousands of pilgrims, activists, pastors, and others who care deeply about the fate of our world will gather to make known the desire to see an agreement that take seriously the challenge of climate change.


I’ll be going with a team of worship leaders including John Mark McMillan and William Matthews, for the love of our brothers and sisters who face the hardship of lost crops, prolonged drought, lack of clean water and other severe impacts of climate change.


We’re going for the love of creation that we know God wants us to protect and delight in.


And in light of the recent violent attacks that have shaken the city, we are going for the love of our brothers and sisters in Paris–to offer songs of hope and prayers for peace. 




…the earth.


For the love of all of God’s creation.


I’m going to Paris with worship leaders not because they have celebrity or because they are climate activists. Our medium is our message. I wholeheartedly believe that when we advocate for justice in our world it not only tells the world who God is–that he is the God of justice, whose heart breaks at injustice.  God delights when we stand in solidarity with the suffering. He is honored by this.


So I’m going to Paris with worship leaders because at the end of the day “For the love of…” is rooted in the love of God. 


We’ll be documenting on Facebook and Instagram, and I invite you to follow along. Pray for us, for safety, and for God to inspire his people to care for the climate and each other.



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