Christian musicians, COP21, and Climate Change

Christian musicians, COP21, and Climate Change

In case you don’t have an Instagram, or you aren’t following, here are a few photos and Instagram posts from our team in Paris, which includes our Director at Micah Challenge, Jason Fileta, and Christian artists William Matthews, John Mark McMillanSarah K McMillan, and Steven Roach (from Songs of Water).

They are in Paris to be present at COP21, learn about Climate Change (and its impacts on the worlds most impoverished) and bring hope to the Parisian people as they are in the midst of tragedy.

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“Gathered with hundreds of pilgrims who walked here to pray and reflect on the beauty of our earth, the goodness and justice of God, and the urgency for action… “It is not corporations, kings, or presidents who hold the fate of our world, but creator God.” -Jason Fileta, Director of Micah Challenge USA


“Some things demand our attention. The Arc De Triomphe is one of those things. Today we met with a very kind Bishop from the Philippines who would say climate change is another. It’s a very personal issue for him as he has seen his small country devastated by stronger typhoons year after year… Up to 20 a year and 5 of those severe. He is here for the Paris climate conference to give his voice for those who aren’t often heard. Such a beautiful thing.” -Sarah K McMillan


“A tearful Christina Figueres receiving 1.8 Million signatures for climate action from people of faith. ‘We need the healing and the love that you are bringing this morning’ ‘With every step you have shown that it is possible to tread lightly on our planet.’ ‘This generation can together answer the call of history.'”-Jason Fileta, Director of Micah Challenge USA




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