Mary Robinson-Inspiration from a President turned Climate Justice Advocate

Mary Robinson-Inspiration from a President turned Climate Justice Advocate


Our team in Paris, which includes our Director at Micah Challenge, Jason Fileta, and Christian artists William Matthews, John Mark McMillanSarah K McMillan, and Steven Roach (from Songs of Water) are now on day 2 of there trip.

They are in Paris to be present at COP21, learn about Climate Change (and its impacts on the worlds most impoverished) and bring hope to the Parisian people as they are in the midst of tragedy.

Today they had lots of adventures, but the most exciting was getting to meet and interview Mary Robin, the first female president of Ireland and later a UN high commissioner.


“Today at #Cop21 we interviewed Mary Robinson, the first female President of Ireland. Her advocacy for the poor, women’s equality, and #ClimateJustice is truly remarkable. Can’t wait to share our web documentary and podcast with you all! #Paris2015 #FortheLoveOf” -William Matthews

“What an incredible honor to meet and interview the former President of Ireland and former UN high commissioner. She was incredibly inspiring and charming. She is raising awareness to how the climate instability affects the poor, women, and children, but in time, if we don’t take courageous action, will affect us all. #COP21 #ForTheLoveOf @MicahChallenge” -Sarah K McMillan

“It’s not everyday you get to sit down with a former President (Mary Robinson of Ireland) and discuss how we as artists may contribute to important social issues. #COP21 #ForTheLoveOf #Humbled” -Stephen Roach’


Here’s a few other Instagram’s from the day:

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