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Prayer for partisan politics on climate

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Galatians 3,28

Prayer Update: Partisan Politics Blocks Non-Partisan Action On Non-Partisan Reality of Climate Change

The symptoms of a disrupted climate continue to stack up. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) declared June the hottest on record for the contiguous US, Arctic sea ice melts to lowest extent ever recorded, and a recent study documents that 90% of Australia’s West coast kelp forests died-off.

On the one hand, the Democratic presidential nominee and Party platform formally acknowledge the need for climate change action to address this unfolding reality. On the other, the Republican Party denies climate change’s human causes, finds ways to block government action such as defunding the Pentagon’s climate directive and fields a presumptive presidential nominee who waffles at best and dismisses climate change as a hoax at worst.

Creator God,

We need a miracle.  Creation and the climate suffer greatly and together cry out for care.

Open all of our eyes to both the reality of the problem and the need to pursue healing action regardless of partisan affiliation.

Remove whatever filters, whether red, blue or some other shade that keep us from seeing your gift of creation and the climate crisis clearly.  Unblock all of our ears that we may hear your call to tend and keep the garden.  Unite us in care, concern and compassion for our neighbors, our climate and our common home.  Amen.

Ditch the Disposables!

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Summer day picnic basket with plastic cutlery and paper plates in outdoor setting

Did you know that 1 trillion plastic bags are produced globally each year?  That’s almost 2 million bags per minute and requires 120 million barrels of oil to produce.  That doesn’t even include all the paper plates, plastic forks, and styrofoam cups.

While such items are certainly convenient, that’s a lot of trash and a lot of carbon pollution considering that it only takes a few extra seconds to grab a resuable plate, wash a fork, or bring the cloth shopping bags.

First Steps
Commit to zero disposables this summer by bringing your own reusable items with you.  It’s easy enough to bring your own dishes and wash them later.

  • Having a picnic?  Bring your own and wash when you get home.
  • Going shopping?  Remember your cloth bags (if you forget, ask them to just place the items back in the cart and you’ll unload them manually–you won’t forget very often if you get in that habit!)
  • Going to a potluck? Bring a bag to carry your dirty dishes home.
  • Traveling?  Bring a reusable bottle instead of buying bottled water.
  • Hosting a party?  Ask friends to bring their own dishes or to help you wash up.
  • Coffee-time at church?  Bring your own mug.

Dig Deeper
Make zero disposables a lifestyle by buying or making reusable alternatives.  Cloth napkins are readily available at home stores, but can also be made cheaply using any absorbent material.  Cloth shopping bags can be purchased for as little as $1 each.  If your tap water is safe, use it; otherwise, buy drinking water from large services that reuse the jugs.

One simple way to remember your zero disposable commitment is to stock things where you’ll remember them.  Keep a stash of cloth bags in your car or by the front door.  Store a set of reusable dishes in the car or where you used to keep the paper plates.  With basic sewing skills you can also make your own gift bags instead of disposable wrapping paper.  There are plenty of DIY reusable ideas online if you need some inspiration.

All In
You can help make it easy for others to go reusable by encouraging your church or office to use ceramic coffee mugs instead of disposable cups.  You can cheaply buy lots of mugs from a thrift store or ask people to donate unused mugs (most of us have more than we need).

It’s a small step, but it sends a signal to others that this is important.  Better yet, why not use the opportunity to make an announcement in church about why you’re switching to reusable mugs?  This could be a great opportunity to start a Climate Caretakers team at your church.

What will YOU do this month?