The Next 100 Days

Acting In Faith - 100 Days V2

Today a new president will take the oath of office–a man who puts God’s creation at risk with his brash denial of climate change.  His choices for cabinet secretaries and other key positions reveal that his policies will likely be harmful for the climate and for God’s creation.  To say that we are concerned about the impact on the climate of a Trump administration and a Republican Congress would be an understatement.  We are deeply worried.  This inauguration day undoubtedly represents a gigantic step backward in our efforts to protect the vulnerable and to care for the climate.

But today does not represent a loss of hope.  Isaiah tell us that “those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” (40:31).  Despite the obstacles in our way, the ominous news coming out of the new administration, and the overwhelming odds against us, we at Climate Caretakers intend to soar!  God hasn’t taken down the “open” sign to his redemption business just because there’s a new president.  He still redeems—people and his creation.

Hebrews says that faith is the “evidence of things not seen” (11:1).  We may not see how God can redeem our current situation, but we have faith in our Creator and we press on.  We press on for the vulnerable and the marginalized.  We press on for the immigrant, for our brothers and sisters of color, and for those of different faith from us.  We press on for the beauty and diversity of God’s creation.  We press on because Jesus Christ, our maker and redeemer, presses on with us.

Much has been made of the upcoming first 100 days of Trump’s administration, and he will undoubtedly implement policies that are destructive to the climate and harmful to our neighbors.  In partnership with Micah Challenge USA, Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, and the Christian Reformed Church’s Office of Social Justice, Climate Caretakers is today launching our own effort called “Acting in Faith: 100 Days of Prayer and Action.”  Here’s how it works.

  1. Sign the 100 Days letter to members of Congress. Just after the 100 days we’ll deliver an open letter to members of Congress, signed by thousands of evangelical Christians, asking them to act on climate change.  Add you name to the letter to make your voice heard!
  2. Commit to pray daily for the next 100 days. We’ll post brief prayers daily on our Facebook page between now and April 29.  Will you join us in praying?  For the new administration.  For climate action.  For the vulnerable and marginalized.  For bipartisan solutions.  For clean energy.  For protection of creation.
  3. Take action on Saturday, April 29 and Monday, May 1. Our Acting in Faith campaign will culminate in a conference in Washington D.C. called “Christian Climate Advocacy Days.”  On Saturday the 29th we’ll take part in the People’s Climate March—joining hundreds of thousands of others in the streets of Washington D.C.  Then, on May 1, we’ll send 80 evangelicals to Capitol Hill to advocate with their members of congress on climate change.  Stay tuned for more information in the coming days, but put these dates on your calendar.  Even if you can’t join us, we’re aiming to have hundreds of people call their members of congress on that day.

Are we worried?  Yes.

But do we press on?  YES!  We intend to soar on wings like eagles.  We place our hope and faith in our Creator, and we press on in faith, with hope and love, through prayer and action.

Will you join us?

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