Trump may be out, but we’re still in

Solar panels field on a plateau in France

Trump may be out, but we’re still in

Trump’s selfish and immoral act of ignorance this past week are nothing less than a betrayal of the global community.  In backing out of the Paris Agreement, the United States has ceded all credibility and leadership on the global stage.  Moreover, we have abandoned the poor, the vulnerable, and all of God’s creation in favor of fossil fuel companies, outdated technology, and partisan rhetoric.  It is a disgusting and shameful action, and Mr. Trump will be judged mercilessly by future generations and by those who are already feeling the impacts of climate change.

And yet, while things may look ugly now, I’m still hopeful.  I’m hopeful because no matter what Trump does, he can’t stop the undeniable momentum of those of us committed to a clean and just energy future.  His actions won’t change the fact that renewables are already more cost effective than fossil fuels in much of the world.  He can’t stop the rest of the world from leading on climate, as China and the E.U. stop forward.

More importantly, he can’t stop us (you and I) from achieving our own Paris commitments!

I’m encouraged by people like Michael Bloomberg, who today committed to meeting the United States’ financial commitments to the Paris Agreement out of his own personal wealth!

I’m encouraged by the 10 U.S. governors and 186 mayors who have committed their states and cities to the Paris Agreement.

I’m encouraged by every one of you for committing yourselves to taking action on climate change.  It isn’t always easy, and sometimes it costs us in time, money, and even relationships.  But it is the right thing to do, and your persistence inspires me daily.

I’m encouraged by groups like Interfaith Power & Light, who have launched a campaign for faith-based groups to stick with the Paris Agreement.

We’re working on the details, but stay tuned in the next few weeks for a new campaign by Climate Caretakers that will give you the opportunity to meet your own Paris Agreement target.  Last week’s news may be discouraging, but I’m more pumped up than ever.  We can do this!  You can do this!  Let’s show Trump that Christians in the United States are committed and willing to put ourselves to work to meet our commitments.

More soon…

In Christ,
Brian Webb

If you’re not a member of Climate Caretakers, please take a moment to join our community.  We are a group of ordinary Christians committed to pray for and act on climate change.  Will you join us?


Almighty God,

We are discouraged by the recent news and mourn the U.S. failure of leadership.  Forgive us, Lord, especially those of us from the United States, for our country’s failure and betrayal of our global brothers and sisters.

And yet, heavenly Father we are encouraged, for we know that you are with us!  We know that you are powerful and you can help us make a statement.  Grant us wisdom, perseverance, and humility as we boldly set forth with the goal of meeting our own Paris commitments.  Grant our leadership team wisdom as we discern the best way to lead our small group of committed advocates in lowering our own carbon footprints.  Give us commitment and endurance.

We praise you, God, for graciousness and strength in this trying time.  In Christ’s name we pray, Amen

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