Hurricanes and Climate: Social Media posts

Not sure how to make the connection on social media between hurricanes and climate change?  Try these sample posts:


  • Irma was the strongest Atlantic hurricane ever.  It’s time to take climate change seriously. #CCaretakers
  • Praying for those impacted by Irma! Praying also that we begin to #ActOnClimate to avoid even worse. #CCaretakers
  • Damages from Harvey & Irma likely in the hundreds of billions.  Climate action suddenly seems to make a lot more sense. #CCaretakers
  • Concerned about the link between Irma and climate?  Join #CCaretakers to pray for and act on climate change.
  • Did you know that ocean temp and relative humidity drive hurricane strength, and that both are increased by climate change? #CCaretakers


  • Many people may be wondering whether Hurricanes Harvey or Irma have anything to do with climate change.  This informative article explains what we know and don’t know about the connection.
  • I’m praying for those impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.  But I’m also speaking out about the links between climate change and stronger hurricanes because I don’t want to see more destructive storms like these.  That’s why I’m part of Climate Caretakers, an organization devoted to pray for and act on climate change.
  • Climate change is a serious problem that is causing massive impacts on our country.  Hurricanes Irma and Harvey were both fueled by warmer than usual ocean temperatures, a product of our warming planet.  Will you join me to pray for and act on climate change?

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