Climate Caretakers Endorses New Climate Bill

As faithful Christ-followers we are to care for creation, and particularly for the climate, which is suffering from thoughtless fossil fuel pollution. As Climate Caretakers we hear God's call to love one another and to care for creation as faithful stewards.  We invite fellow Christ-followers to join us in doing so. Climate Caretakers exists to encourage Christians to pray and act on behalf of the climate.  We have joined together in many opportunities for prayer and action to protect that integral part of what Pope Francis has called “our common home” - the climate.

Scientific experts have spoken clearly and with a united voice. Their clear-eyed analysis of the evidence overwhelmingly finds pollution released by human activity, particularly the use of fossil fuels, is causing global warming. 

Global warming drastically disrupts and destabilizes our climate. Increasingly extreme weather events range from droughts to floods, all with growing speed and ferocity.  Glaciers melt.  Sea levels rise. Illnesses spread.  Victims multiply.  And even more sadly, the poor and disadvantaged around the world least responsible for the fossil fuel pollution behind this growing crisis suffer the most.

Scientists recommend that we must drastically and dramatically reduce CO2 emissions in order to reduce global warming.   Economists across the political spectrum recommend a price on carbon as the most straight-forward, easily implemented and effective way to move the economy away from fossil fuels and thereby reduce CO2 pollution. 

Therefore we endorse and encourage support of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

With an awareness of the growing scope of the problem and with a sense of responsibility to God's call that we tend and keep the gift of creation (Genesis 2:15) , Climate Caretakers endorses and encourages support of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763).  This bi-partisan plan will effectively impact the climate change problem in a way that is good for people and good for the economy while being revenue neutral.

To start off, you can pray and also write your congressional representative and senators to support this bill.

Kermit Hovey for Climate Caretakers