Oppose Wheeler's Nomination to Lead the EPA

Photo Credit: Senate EPW

Photo Credit: Senate EPW

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was established in 1970 under President Richard Nixon in order to guide our country’s approach to protecting our natural environment. Since that time, the agency has done a tremendous amount of good in creating and enforcing clean air and water rules, overseeing toxic cleanups, promoting clean and renewable energy, providing guidance for energy efficiency standards, and much more. One could argue that without the EPA, the United States would be as polluted as China currently is.

In short, the EPA plays a critical role in protecting our environment, and particularly the climate. Former Administrators have largely understood this, and the EPA has been one of the most important champions of acting against climate change for decades—during both Republican and Democratic presidencies. This has changed significantly during the past two years.

Trump’s first EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, proved to be a disaster by removing many online references to climate change, replacing respected scientists with climate deniers, and directing agency funding and priorities away from climate-related programs. Fortunately, multiple scandals caught up with him and Pruitt resided in July 2018.

His replacement, however, might be worse—and is about to become permanent. Andrew Wheeler has served as the Acting Administrator of the EPA since Pruitt’s departure, and the Senate is set to vote on him as a permanent replacement as early as next week. Wheeler is a former coal lobbyist with a long history of, not only denying climate change, but actively working to undermine the very goals the EPA was created to establish.

Let us be clear, Andrew Wheeler is a direct threat to the health and well-being of the United States and stands in direct opposition to God’s call to be stewards of His creation.

What can you do?

  1. Pray that Wheeler is rejected by the Senate. Pray that he (and Trump) has a change of heart related to the environment. Pray that the good men and women at the EPA are able to uphold as many climate protections as possible.

  2. Support the anti-Wheeler petition being distributed by Young Evangelicals for Climate Action

  3. Call your Senators and ask them to oppose Wheeler. Especially if your Senator is a Republican! We need EPA leaders who acknowledge the goodness of protecting God’s creation; not those who devote their lives to tearing it down.