Grief, Hope, and the Global Climate Strike in this Season of Creation

While it may not have popped up on your radar, the time between September 1 - October 4 is the annual Season of Creation, celebrated by Christians of all traditions around the world. This annual celebration of prayer and action to protect creation beckons us to respond with faith, hope, and love. I want Jesus to walk with us in this time of trouble, trials, and sorrow in which our current Season of Creation falls. Society's painfully slow progress to adequately address our growing climate crisis creates a challenging situation for our world.

Fortunately, the Global Climate Strike on September 20 calls forth the spirit of the Season of Creation. This becomes even more tangible as faith gatherings planned at various climate strike events invite us to express faith, hope, and love. Whether as a day-long series of actions or a shorter gathering, the climate strike calls attention to the climate crisis and proclaims the need for prompt, bold action. Climate change poses a moral, spiritual and ethical challenge, and particularly for Christ-followers, an opportunity to persevere as faithful, hopeful, and loving.

So, let's claim this opportunity that God is offering us to act and pray for creation and for the climate. May each of us walk with Jesus. May we acknowledge our trouble, endure our trials, and own our sorrow, as we express our faith, hope, and love. May we do so not just for Friday's climate strike, not just during this Season of Creation, but for the time we have and the time it takes.


Dear God, anoint us with your mercy, grace, power, and courage to care for your creation. Even as we recognize how much needs to be done to undo the harm inflicted to the earth and to the climate; even as that harm already inflicts death, damage and destruction on the least of these, even so, don't let us stop doing good. Empower us to faithfully walk with you, even in the midst of grief. Strengthen us to act and pray for the work, change, and transformation our common home needs. As challenging as climate action may seem at times, join us with others calling for healing, justice, and transformation. Help us remind people of the good news that God loves and cares about us and this creation and invites us to do likewise. Embolden us to invite people to learn, pray, and act to care for creation and the climate for the sake of your world, your love, your glory, and your Son. AMEN!