Opportunities for Prayer in a new Generation

One college senior told us that he had been led by God to turn his engineering degree into a springboard for law school and environmental practice. Another student said she was looking for a missions agency that would use her environmental degree to care for creation on the mission field. An adult youth leader shared her vision for teaching young people at Christian camps about God's call to care for creation. Hundreds of attendees signed creation care commitment cards. Hundreds more indicated their intention to practice simple lifestyles, to take action against climate change, or to help their churches or campus ministries care for creation.

Each of these stories come from InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's Urbana Missions Conference--a triennial event drawing thousands of college students and young people in late December. I had the privilege of bearing witness to the gospel centrality of creation care along with our partner organizations, Care of Creation, Young Evangelicals for Climate Action and The AuSable Institute.

I found joy in witnessing so many young people express their faith through integrity and service while embracing the importance of caring for creation--including addressing climate change. We can be encouraged that the upcoming generation of Christians represented at this gathering don't insist, “Climate change can't be true.” Instead they ask, “what does God want me to do?"

Praise God for a new generation!

By: Kermit Hovey, Climate Caretakers leadership team

Dear God,

Thanks you for hope. Thank you for evidence that you are stirring in the world today. Thank you that your spirit has roused a new generation to love you, and love their neighbor, and to do so by loving and caring for your creation.
May the hundreds and thousands who experienced conversations, teachings and exhortations to care for creation find the time, energy and wisdom to do so. May their heightened awareness of our responsibility to care for your gift of creation stir them, and all of us, to care especially for the climate that envelopes our common home.
May the seeds planted and the seeds watered at Urbana produce growth and fruit that will touch and transform others to follow their example. Show them, and us, what you want us to do