Righteous Leadership Needed at EPA

"Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal." Isaiah 26:4

Andrew Wheeler, former coal lobbyist and Acting Administrator of the EPA, is one step closer to securing the top job permanently. This week, his nomination to helm the agency was voted out of committee and it will now be taken up by the full Senate.

His seven months as interim EPA chief have provided plenty of cause for concern, from his repeal of the Clean Power Plan with no clear replacement to his halt on methane controls from natural gas sites to his proposed rollback of life-saving mercury regulations.

Mr. Wheeler is a dangerous pick to head this crucial agency, and his actions threaten the health and future of all Americans, not to mention to God's creation.

Creator God, you made the Earth and all its wonders in wisdom and love. Your care and concern for life knows no bounds. May the same be said of your church here on earth. As our leaders continue to promote the status quo of climate inaction and branzen pollution of your world, may your church rise up and demand better. May those with power choose to use it to serve, protect, and bless creation rather than to dominate and exploit it. And may we, your people, teach them how.