Yes, We Can Save the Climate

A recent study published in Nature journal concludes that there is still a 64% chance for us to keep warming under the 1.5C limit if serious global action is taken to phase out of fossil fuels immediately. In order for us to achieve the 1.5 degree limit, we must commit as a society to replace all fossil fuel infrastructure with renewable energies by the end of their life-cycle.

The most recent report from IPCC states that a half degree rise makes a tremendous difference. 1.5 degree rise in temperature will drastically reduce the effects of sea ice loss, mortalities from extreme heat and food scarcity, and species loss, compared to the projected 2 degree increase in temperature.

Though the amount of action we need to take is certainly ambitious, this is nonetheless very hopeful news! It illuminates the real possibility to preserve entire habitats, like coral reefs, which are otherwise under threat of complete disappearance. We can let this news energize and encourage us into committing to simpler lifestyles, to hold companies and our government accountable to more bold and compassionate policies, and to come together under a single purpose

Father God,

We thank you for the awesome responsibility of keeping Your beautiful creation as well as your call for us to participate in Your ministry of reconciliation, in making all things new. We pray that you will use this opportunity to form our hearts into the shape of Your own. Please partner with us as we seek to take the keeping of your earth seriously as an indispensable part of our witness. May your Spirit convict us to make thoughtful and careful lifestyle choices each day which honor the integrity and dignity of all living things, and to urge our leaders to enact tangible policies which prioritize the well-being of human livelihoods and wildlife habitats. We pray that as we engage in this important task of caring for your earth, you would open our eyes to see what you see, to dream what you dream, and to love as you love.