Let’s do this!

Taking action forms the core of the Climate Caretakers commitment, and we believe that our efforts result in a meaningful impact in our fight against climate change. We also believe that any approach to this challenge must incorporate both personal transformation and societal advocacy in order to be effective and lasting. See below for several ways you can make a difference today.

Christian leaders at our Acting in Faith Advocacy Day in 2017

Christian leaders at our Acting in Faith Advocacy Day in 2017

sign the commitment!

If you haven’t yet signed the Climate Caretakers Commitment, this is the place to start. Some may argue that one person’s actions are meaningless given the overall scope of the global problem. We disagree. As Christians we believe that we are called by God to live our lives with justice and righteousness, and that includes how our actions impact the climate. You can start today by committing to pray faithfully and act boldly to care for the climate. And know that your actions DO matter.


measure your carbon footprint

A carbon footprint takes stock of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your lifestyle and represents an important first step in understanding how your actions impact the climate. After all, you can’t reduce what you don’t measure! Measuring your carbon footprint is surprisingly easy and typically takes about 5 – 10 minutes once you’ve gathered your past year’s utility info. We recommend using Climate Stewards—a Christian carbon offset organization—to calculate your footprint.


Get involved in advocacy

Lifestyle changes are important for living faithfully and acting with integrity. At the same time, global problems require large-scale solutions, and we need Christians to advocate with their political representatives for just and fair climate policies. One way to support political advocacy is to get involved with Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL). This nonpartisan group works to promote a policy called carbon fee and dividend. You can read more about this policy or get involved through the link below.


living the change

Co-sponsored by the World Evangelical Alliance, this campaign works to empower ordinary people to make concrete commitments that will result in more carbon-friendly lifestyles. Living the Change doesn’t have all the answers to these questions, but encouraging and equipping the Christian community to step out and make personal sustainable lifestyle commitments motivated from a heart of faithful discipleship, is part of the solution.


make one change each month

We’ve found that making one simple change each month starts a process that can quickly transform our lifestyles to become better caretakers of God’s creation. That’s why we send out monthly newsletters with specific actions for you to take. Simple, sustainable, small-scale changes add up over time and really do make a difference. More info coming soon…