Global Weirding

In this PBS series Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, a world-renowned climate scientist (and evangelical Christian), addresses common questions and misconceptions about climate, politics, and faith. She uses her winsome communication style to explain everything from how climate models work to energy poverty in developing countries to what the Bible says about climate change, all in 6-10 minutes videos.

Here’s a sampling of some of our favorites. For the full series visit the Global Weirding website.

For the Love of…

One of the founding members of Climate Caretakers, Micah Challenge USA produced this powerful film following four musicians to Paris for COP21. They went to learn about climate change and how it is impacting impoverished communities. ‪#‎ForTheLoveOf‬ is their story. Join John Mark McMillan, Sarah Williams McMillan, William Matthews Music & Stephen Roach from Songs of Water on their journey!

Bangladesh: The Canary in the Coal Mine

This series of five videos from World Renew and The Christian Reformed Church Office of Social Justice (OSJ) puts the spotlight on Bangladesh, where World Renew is promoting floating gardens, alternative means of livelihoods like ducks, and addressing health issues. Together with OSJ they work to address the trajectory of climate change through advocacy. For more information visit the World Renew website.

Climate Conversation: Kenya

These videos were produced by the Christian Reformed Church’s Office of Social Justice. For millions of subsistence farmers in Kenya, climate change is not a political debate. It is a reality in which adaptation can mean the difference between life and death. This video series is a chance to move past the white noise and to get up close and personal with the issues of climate change and environmental stewardship. It is a chance to meet people, not statistics; to hear stories, not arguments. It is an invitation to a conversation.

Want to engage the Climate Conversation: Kenya videos more deeply? Download the discussion guide for bible studies, discussion questions, next steps and more. Use it with church groups, in an educational setting, or even with family and friends.