our mission is to mobilize Christians to
learn about, pray for,
and act on climate change

We do this by empowering ordinary Christians to become actively engaged in climate solutions through personal actions, individual and corporate prayer, and societal advocacy.

Past Climate Caretakers projects


COP-21 iN paris

In December 2015, Climate Caretakers led a team of 9 people to Paris to pray for, bear Christian witness to, and highlight the critical importance of the UN climate negotiations leading to the historic Paris Agreement.


Acting in faith

In collaboration with Young Evangelicals for Climate Action and the Christian Reformed Church we led a team of 61 evangelicals to participate in the 2017 People’s Climate March and to lobby Congress for action on climate.


We are still in

Climate Caretakers has taken an active role in advocating for the Paris Agreement through awareness and education efforts, but also by sending representatives to COP-23, COP-24, and the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit.


climate and Missions

In 2018 we co-presented a workshop with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe at the Creation Care at the Frontiers of Mission conference, addressing the intersection between climate vulnerable countries and unreached people groups.



As followers of Christ, we believe in the power of prayer, which is why we send weekly prayer updates to our subscribers with brief climate-related prayer requests and a sample prayer.